UTC | CBS Global


First Year 2022-2023 Second Year 2023-2024 Third Year 2024-2025
A. Fees payable to CBS in TND
Admission Fees* 900
Tuition Fee 22100 22100 22100
TVA: 7% 1610 1547 1547
Total Tuition 24610 23647 23647
B. Fees payable to the University of London** in GBP
Total Tuition £2835 £2068 £2058
*Admission fees are non-refundable
**Payments to the University of London are to be made through your local bank. Payment must be made in full 15 days before starting the program.
Fee Refund Policy: Once admitted and registered in the program, CBS does not offer any payment refunds. For the refund policy of the University of London, please check their website.